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Nail These 3 Things For Successful Paid Facebook Ads

1. Awesome Content

The biggest variable of success with any social media advertising is THE CONTENT. Without creative, attention grabbing, valuable content, you will struggle to make the impact you want on Facebook.

Create content with purpose. Whether it’s to entertain, educate, or tell your brand story - be original.

2. The Perfect Target Audience

Facebook is a data gold mine and if you’re not using this information to target your audience segments with that Awesome Content we mentioned above, your ads will not deliver the best results.

Remember, the Facebook algorithm is designed to serve relevant and engaging content to users - if your content doesn’t hit the mark with your audience you will end up paying more for your ads.

You should have multiple audience segments set up in Facebook and create content that speaks directly to each of these audiences and their motivators.

3. Budget vs Duration Ratio

Gone are the days where organic traffic got great results - it’s a pay to play platform on Facebook. The good news is, for most businesses, Facebook remains the most cost effective marketing tool and now is the time to invest in ad spend.

Be sure to give your ads enough duration to allow for optimum results. Although there will always be some exceptions for certain ads, in general, ads should run for a minimum of 4 days - and be careful not to run the same creative to the same audience for too long.

Your daily or lifetime budget will of course depend on your overall budget, but in my experience, ads that have a minimum daily budget of $10 or more perform better. If your daily budget is too low and your ads are running 24 hour a day, you may find your budget is spent by lunch time and will not deliver during peek evening engagement hours.

For each of these 3 key components, I urge you to test and experiment as much as possible to find what works for your business. Study your insights and establish what content performs well with certain audiences, as well as how your ad duration and budget can effect your results.

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