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Is Jumping on the Threads Band Wagon Worth Your Time and Effort? 🤔

🚨 Spoiler Alert 🚨 - It’s not!

Threads is a new Twitter like social platform where you share thoughts (in less than 500 characters + an image of gif if you choose) and being a conversation with your community.

Does your business currently use Twitter for business? If not, then the short answer is - cut Threads from your marketing strategy.

If yes? Then the answer is maybe - if you have the time and resources needed to manage it effectively.

Let's break it down...

✅ Yes it’s easy to grow and audience by migrating your existing IG following to Threads.

✅ Yes it’s a shiny new toy and the Meta powers that be are pushing for its success.

✅ Yes it’s a great platform for direct community engagement.

❌ No it’s not a place to sell your products and services - major ick.

❌ No it’s nothing new to the social media scene - it’s just like Twitter (which in the business world is a glorified customer service portal).

❌ No you can’t just repost your FB and IG content to Threads - another major ick.

❌ No it's not essential to your business success.

❌ No it's not worth adding to you workload and stretching yourself thin over yet another social media platform.

In summary, for most businesses Threads will suck your time and energy while giving you no real business benefits. Focus that time and energy working on platforms that are currently helping to achieve your business goals.

What do you think? Will you be using Threads for business or pleasure?

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