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Tips For Creating On Brand Reels That Get Views

  • Scroll Reels For Inspiration - Keep an eye out for both for topic ideas and trending audio. Be sure to save the Reel for reference and the audio to use for later.

  • Create A Plan - Note down your Reel ideas with the audio track you want to use along with the media you will use to create the Reel.Using exisiting video and images? or do you need to film new content?

  • Be Original & Get Creative - How can you make the Reel your own and stand out from the crowd? Does the Reel align with your brand and values? Is it worthwhile content or are you just chasing vanity views?

  • Batch Film Your Reels -Take your content plan and film your Reels for the month in one session.Blocking out time and having the content ready to go will save you time in the long run.

  • Editing Your Reels - Look for the 'use template' badge when scrolling Reels within Instagram for the easiest way to edit your Reel. Use free third party apps like Prequel, Vids or Canva to take your Reels to the next level with effects and transitions.

  • Work With The Algorithm - Help the algorithm understand what your Reel is about by filling your caption with relevant key words, tagging your location, adding topics and a handful of hashtags. These steps are critical to ensuring your Reel gets served up to relevant audiences.

  • Extra Considerations - Consider tempo, length, video quality, transitions, text placement (if really necessary) and crops when Reel are viewed in the feed (these are not full screen experiences for viewers).

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Jerimy Walker
Jerimy Walker
01 oct 2023

I think it would be worth adding a tip to the reader that it is worth taking care of the quality of the video and it is worth using a good video editor. Here you can find free applications for working with videos

Me gusta
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