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Marketing is so Much More Than Pretty Social Media Posts and Google Ads

Too many businesses are skipping basic marketing fundamentals and jumping to social media and paid activity without the solid foundations needed for success.

These businesses are often left wondering why the pretty consumer facing content and their precious marketing dollars are failing to engage prospective customers - let alone convert them.

Stop wasting your time with social media activity, content creation and paid ads until…

✅ You have a documented business plan and marketing strategy designed to work towards your business goals for the next 6-12 months.

✅ Your entire team fully understand why you are in business and what your values are as a brand. Not just the token trust & quality BS, but the real WHY you wake up everyday and do the doing.

✅ You're offering something unique to your competitors - either in the products / services, or the way you operate your business.

✅ You know (not assuming) you're giving your customers what they really need.

✅ You have set up processes and tools (websites, apps, workflows, customer service) that allow you to operate efficiently - and your customers to seamlessly enquire, purchase, or book.

Have you laid the proper groundwork and set your business up for success?

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kurl jakson999
kurl jakson999
Oct 25, 2023

Yes, social networks are a cool source for business promotion, but in my opinion it is worth devoting a lot of time and resources to this, I think that other marketing channels should be used. For example, you can upload videos using One way or another, the videos will be spinning on the Internet and you will receive views on the passive, and if you try hard enough, you can output the video to recommendations

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