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Social Media 3 Step Starter Pack


Whether your business is just starting out on social media, or your exisiting strategy and activity needs to shift gears, this 3 Step Starter Pack is designed to set you up for success with some hands on help.

*Rebel Influence is a registered RBP service provider.  

Step 1 - Social Media Strategy 

Step 2 - One on One Training 

Step 3 - Ongoing Coaching

1. Social Media Strategy 

A solid social media strategy is essential for any business. Understanding what part social media plays in your business and how it will be used to achieve your goals, will help set the foundation for success

Step 1 is broken down into three parts:

1. Strategic Workshop

Rebel Influence will meet with your business to learn as much as we can in order to put your strategic document together. Topics of discussion will include; business and social media goals, current climate (opportunities & challenges), key audiences, current marketing activity, KPI's and budgets.

2. Strategic Document & Content Plan Creation 

Taking all the information from the workshop, we will produce an easy to follow social media strategy document filled with bonus best practices and content tips for each of your channels. We will also create a useful content plan which will outline your key themes and subjects across all your chosen platforms. 


3. Strategy Presentation

Once your strategic document and content plan has been completed, we will present your strategy to your team. This ensures everyone understands the game plan and has an opportunity to ask any questions.  

2. Social Media Training 

Rebel Influence will provide one on one or small group training across Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn.

You select the topics, and we will provide 2 hours of training as part of the Social Media Starter Pack.

Training can be done either in person or via Zoom.

Additional training can be provided as required for $150+GST per hour. 

3. Ongoing Coaching 

After the strategy has been created, the training has been complete, and it's time to start executing the game plan, you won't be left in the lurch.


The Social Media Start Pack includes four weeks of ongoing coaching. This can be a one hour weekly phone call, or an in person session where we discuss your content, performance & results, and any questions that may come up as you navigate through the platforms. 

These weekly coaching sessions can also be used as an opportunity for further training. 


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