Why We LOVE & HATE Social Influencers!

You know the ones i'm talking about right? The online A-listers, the insta-famous models, bloggers, fitness fanatics and makeup artists of the world?

But don't be so quick to judge this elite pool of beautiful people. Amongst this group of digital socialites are some pretty bloody fantastic, entertaining, hard working and brave individuals.

This is my take on the state of Social Influencers in 2018 and why we have a love hate relationship with those who we choose to follow online.

It seems every major beauty, fitness and travel brand has finally cottoned on to the fact that influencers are great for business. And for us consumers, we have, for the most part, accepted the fact that there is now big business in having a large, authentic following on social media. We the followers are in-fact a big contributing factor to their existence and survival.

Let's face it, we LOVE Social Influencers. We love them because the good ones are brutally honest and can save us hundreds of dollars on useless waist trainers and shitty protein powders. Some provide us with daily wisdom and motivation, saving us from our darkest days. We love it when they keep it real and show us unpolished faces and relatable real life struggles. And of course, we can’t get enough of it when they allow us to peek into their magical world of luxury travel and endless free goodies.

But the world of Social Influencers isn’t always rainbow unicorns and trips to Bora Bora.

If we're honest, we HATE Social Influencers. We hate it when we bounce from story to story on Instagram after the latest PR drop has hit the PO BOX and we see the latest beauty range being swatched on hairy fore arms of influencers across the world. It's boring and we just don’t give a shit anymore.

We hate when product placement in their content is forced and unnatural. We hate when they shove discount codes in our face and we hate when our favourite vlogs are disrupted by PSA's from whatever brand has won the highest bid for this weeks video.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in influencer marketing. For the last few years of my career, I’ve used influencer marketing to promote global brands, and as a consumer, i'm a sucker for it when it’s done well. BUT, let's not ruin a good thing by saturating our favourite platforms with PR nonsense and brand vomit.

I plead with Social Influencers to save the industry and save yourselves. Be selective. Be authentic. Be uniquely you. And please, for the love of god, find more creative ways to plug the brands and products you are passionate about. Beware of the point of no return. The point where you push your audience too far and loose their trust for good. Don't sell your soul to the PR devil.


Rebel Influence

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