Why Personal Branding is more important than ever

Working on personal branding through social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram has always put individuals in a strong position for career opportunities and recognition within their chosen industry.

In this time of uncertainty and with businesses facing extreme challenges, people should use this time to showcase their skills, talents and passions in preparation for when things move in a more positive direction.

Show your next employer or future clients that through all this you are continuing to up-skill and add value to your industry community by creating relevant content and contributing to conversations online.

What is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is the reputation you build for yourself through online and offline interactions.

Why is it important?

It's your opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest and contribute your unique thoughts and ideas to industries and organisations you care about.

A strong personal brand helps build your credibility and shows others you are committed to your career. This sends a positive signal to potential employers or businesses considering working with you.

Tips for building a successful personal brand:

  • Be yourself. Your online persona needs to be an accurate representation of the real you.

  • Knowledge is power. Stay up to date with current industry trends, news, and best practices and share your thoughts and ideas online.

  • Create meaningful interactions and connections with the right people. To find the right people to connect with online, start searching relevant hashtags, following business pages, and paying attention to who else is commenting on your industry topics.

  • Be consistent. Building your personal brand is a long term game. Hang in there.

Ready to start building your personal brand online and don’t know where to start?

Follow these action points:

1. Create or update your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you complete all fields thoroughly.

2. Start connecting with the right people such as; ex colleagues, old bosses, industry peers, business leaders in your area. LinkedIn does a great job of suggesting relevant connections but don’t be tempted on add just anyone, the key to LinkedIn is meaningful connections.

3. Be part of the conversation. Start browsing your news feed and leaving quality comments on the content that resonates with you.

4. Have a go at creating your own content. This can be as simple as a text update or a single image of your at home work station. You have to start somewhere.

Finally, don’t overthink your personal brand. Be yourself and talk about the things you love and that interest you. Maintain your personal values and show the world all the great things you have to offer!

Aleisha Duncan

Owner & Marketer

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