Beware of the Insta-Mercial Trend Killing Instagram!

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Infomercials rose to peek popularity in the 1980’s, then realising people became over exposed and increasing annoyed with this form of advertising, they slowly died off.

Now in 2019, they are making an undercover come back in the form of our favourite Influencers and Creators Instagram Stories.

Our daily guilty pleasure of peeking inside the lives of selected individuals on Instagram has been tarnished with ad after ad full of promo and affiliate codes.

For the record, I believe in Influencer Marketing. I use Influencers with a number of clients with some great results. But this industry needs to be protected before it becomes over saturated to the point of it loosing its effect with the public completely. This is the responsibility of brands, Influencers and marketers.

Here's some quick tips…

For brands / marketers:

- Be more selective of the ambassadors you choose to represent your brand. Quality not quantity.

- Loosen the reins. Ditch the script and stick with a simple key message the Influencer can naturally weave into the content.

- Rethink your deliverables. Dictating how many posts in a certain time frame can often mean the content can come across forced and inauthentic to the audience.

For Influencers / Content Creators:

- Stop selling your soul to the devil. Be SELECTIVE of who you choose to work worth and be 100% sure this aligns with your personal brand and values.

- Be creative with how you produce your sponsored content. We are tired of seeing you sit on the bench with your new (insert flavour of the month health product here).

- Authenticity is absolute KEY. People didn’t start following you for your sponsored content. Remember why people were drawn to you in the first place and don’t alienate your community by filling it with ad after ad or irrelevant content.

- Ads should be sprinkled into your content naturally for best results. Take note of the frequency and the type of content and be sure not to over saturate your feed.

If you are looking to begin or increase your Influencer Marketing efforts and need further advice or direction, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


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