6 Steps to Marketing Success in 2019

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

2019 is here and we're not mucking around this year - let's get straight into it. Here are our top tips for starting the year off right and setting your business up for marketing success...

1. Audit and evaluate your 2018 activity

Spending time evaluating your 2018 activity is a hugely valuable exercise. Get the team together, discuss what worked and what didn’t and why. Establishing key learnings to take in to 2019 will ensure a more effective and efficient strategy moving forward.

2. Update your marketing strategy

Work your key learnings from step 1 into your marketing strategy. Get your team and key stakeholders on board for the 2019 direction and always be sure to refer to your strategy with all activity to ensure it aligns with your overall strategic priorities. Don't loose sight of your goals.

3. Segment your audiences

Avoid using broad blanket audiences for your paid marketing activity in 2019, instead segment your audiences down to specific groups of people your business would like to target. With advanced ad platforms like Facebook, it’s easier than ever to do this.

Create custom audience groups in your ads manager (for example, New Zealand newly engaged females aged between 25 - 40) and speak directly to each audience through content created specifically for that group.

4. Create more quality content (especially video)

Following on from step 3, with more audience segments more content variations will need to be created for each target group. Before you get overwhelmed, this could be as simple as changing the copy for each audience ensuring you are 'speaking their language'.

Video is still a hot topic in 2019 with the consumption of this type of media continuing to rise. Engagement levels are higher than static images and the ability to get your message across quicker and more creatively has huge appeal for both marketers and consumers.

5. Evaluate your marketing channels

Take a look at your current marketing channels - both online and offline. Ask yourself if these channels are serving the needs of your business? Is this where you audience is most active? Are these the best channels to connect with your community? Don’t be afraid to cut out what isn’t working as well as your other channels and invest heavily in what you know is working at the present time.

6. Collaborate

If collaboration and Influencer Marketing is not currently part of your marketing strategy, 2019 is the year to incorporate it. Partnering with like minded businesses and Influencers is a great way to get your messages and business talked about by the right people. This ‘word of mouth’ type marketing can be extremely effective - if executed correctly.

There they are, six steps to help you on your way to a successful year ahead.

If you are in need of further marketing advice, specific to your own business, check out our strategy and consultation page or contact us today.


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