5 tips and the 1 thing you should NEVER do when working from home

1. Say goodbye to the 9-5

They are called office hours for a reason and in my opinion they don’t apply as effectively to the home.

If your job permits, experiment with finding the right ‘office hours’ that work for you.

Early mornings could be your new best friend, with minimal distractions making for a positive, productive start to your day.

If you are balancing work and parenting, scheduling your work hours in the mornings and evenings allows you to give your family the attention they need throughout the majority of the day.

Whatever hours you find work best for you, ensure you communicate with your boss, co-workers and clients so they are on the same page.

2. Pack your lunch

This isn’t as silly as it sounds if you’re worried about opening the fridge 20 times and grazing from the pantry all day long.

Pack a lunch in the morning, put it in the fridge and you’re set for the day.

If your partner and the kids are home too, pack everyone a lunch so you don’t have to stop your flow and fix a snack for the family.

3. Create the perfect work environment

Putting together a dedicated workspace will help you get into ‘work mode’ each day.

Ideally, you will use a desk and not the kitchen table - which should always be kept as a communal family space.

Find a spot in the house near a window with good natural light and add a desk lamp for those dull days and early mornings.

A touch of green is always a nice addition. Peace lilies, ferns and fresh flowers are an easy and affordable way to brighten up your office space.

4. Plan your day realistically

Instead of fighting the urge to do daily household chores during the day, work these into your routine.

If a load of washing needs to go on at 10am, use this as your morning break. Pour a cup of tea and take a stroll outside for 15 minutes. By the time lunch time rolls around, the washing will be ready to hang out and it’s time for another break.

5. Turn your email notifications off

Don’t be at the beck and call of your emails all day long.

Block out times during your day to check emails and advise your co-workers to call you if anything requires urgent attention.

This allows you to focus on tasks and not be tempted to jump to your mailbox every time you hear the ding.

And the one thing you should never do when working from home?

NEVER get in the habit of working from your bed - it can be tough to get out!

Aleisha Duncan

Owner & Marketer

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