3 steps to building a strong and loyal community on Social Media in 2020.

Strong brand awareness and an evangelistic community will lead to long term success beyond social media.

Here are 3 simple steps for building a loyal online community this year.

Step 1 - Have the right mindset

Stop thinking of your community as potential dollar signs. Not being tempted to add a sales pitch or pushy call to action to every post will help your content come across authentic, and genuinely valuable without your audience feeling like they are being sold to.

Step 2 - Create meaningful connections through conversations and interactions.

Pushing content is all well and good but if you are not present to engage and interact with your audience you will struggle to build a strong, connected community. Ensure when someone reaches out to your brand on social media (or elsewhere) that you provide a positive experience. This will increase the likelihood that they will share this experience with a friend.

Step 3 - Community building requires a long game approach - don’t be discouraged.

Like a lot of things, good things take time. Building an online community and brand awareness is no different. People take time to develop trust and a connection with you and your brand. Producing consistent, valuable content for your community and being there to engage with them is your recipe for success!

Aleisha Duncan

Marketing Specialist, Owner, Rebel Influence


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