Welcome to Rebel Influence - a freelance marketing service driven by a passion for helping businesses succeed through clever and creative digital marketing.


My name's Aleisha Duncan and I first fell in love with digital marketing 12 years ago.


Over the years, I have been blown away by the rapid pace in which the digital marketing movement has swept the world. One minute businesses were buying print ads and locking in radio slots for the month and the next we were building responsive websites and setting up Google AdWords campaigns. It's an ever-evolving industry and one that can seem overwhelming and difficult for many businesses to understand.


I'm here to make things easy for you. To help you decide the best marketing strategy to fit your business - all within your budget and resources. 


I have worked in a number of different industries throughout my career, ranging from manufacturing, hospitality, retail, e-commerce and marketplaces, through to tourism and construction. I believe that any business can achieve game-changing results through simple digital marketing activity - it does not have to be complex and costly.


Rebel Influence is here to guide your marketing, ensuring you have all the knowledge and tools to benefit from an efficient digital marketing strategy, designed specifically to drive results for your individual business. We do everything from consultation and strategies, through to building websites, social media, and content creation. We can also train and upskill you and your staff with the best marketing practices so you can manage your own activity. 


Is your business in need of a Rebel Influence? 


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